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Digilent Analog Shield ADC Y DAC para Arduino UNO
SKU MCI04256
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Introducing the Analog Shield: Designed to bring the world of Analog Electronics to the Arduino® Uno.*

The Analog Shield was created in collaboration with Stanford University and the TI University Program and is manufactured by Digilent Inc. Its origins begin with Dr. Gregory Kovacs, professor at Stanford University, who wanted to capitalize on the successes his students were having with the Arduino and use that as a bridge into the world of analog electronics. Partnering with the TI University program, his student, Bill Esposito worked with TI engineers to create a shield that could convert an Arduino board into a powerful mixed signal prototyping system. Professor Kovacs has used this powerful combination to teach his students fundamental concepts such as:

Quantization and sampling

Direct digital synthesis

Analog noise vs Digital noise

...and more.

The Analog Shield is designed around TI's analog technology and provides up to 4 channels of 16-bit analog signal input and output. Also provided are integrated fixed ±5V and variable ±7.5V power supplies. In addition, your Analog Shield comes with a small 170-point solderless breadboard that can be affixed to the shield itself for prototyping with through-hole components.


chipKIT™ Uno32 is hardware and software compatible with the Arduino Uno and is available to purchase through Digilent's website. However, examples and code are not currently optimized for the platform.



Key parts on the shield:

  • ADS8343: 16 bit, 4 channel Analog to Digital converter
  • DAC8564: 16 bit, 4 channel Digital to Analog converter
  • Variable 7.5V bipolar power supply
  • Fixed 5V bipolar power supply
  • Breadboard

Can be used with:

  • TI Analog myPartsKit
  • Digilent Electronics Explorer Board
  • chipKIT Uno32*
  • Arduino Uno
Warranty 3,0 Months
Weight 0,080
height 1
Width 1
Volume 0,0
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