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Dimafix is a fixative spray for use in 3D technology FDM and heated bed printers.

It provides a strong plastic to bed adhesion eliminating the warping effect even in large prints using ABS, just put a light spray of Dimafix to your heated bed in the zones where the first layers are going to be printed, and they will stick to the bed avoiding undesired failures or warping, after the print is finished just cool the printing platform and the prints should pop out easily.

Dimafix is sold as a spray bottle with a ball on the inside to avoid the nozzle from clogging, the spray can capacity is 400ml that will last for a long time as only a small layer should be applied.


  • Possibility to print on every kind of materials that require a heated bed.
  • Adhesion activated by temperature.
  • Soluble in water for easy cleaning.
  • Over 100 applications with a single 400ml can.
  • The objective of Dimafix is to make 3d printing easier with all kinds of materials.
  • The adhesive effect does not decay and last for long printing time.
  • Cooling the base under 40 to 50°c makes the adhering effect to disappear so the models pop out from the printing base easily.
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