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Módulo de comunicación 2G compatible con socket XBee GPRSBee (UFL)
SKU MCI01829
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Now the cellular’s connectivity of your projects is at your fingertips with this product, designed to be used with products that accept Xbee modules such as: Arduino + Xbee Shield or the Xbee IO Pro V2, ideal for automation through text messages or online.

This card gives GPRS and GSM connectivity in a simple and easy way thanks to its M66 module with Xbee physical format. 

This card performs the function of moving from a serial communication to GPRS, using the pins (2 and 3) of the Xbee format available for this function, which is compatible with different cards that use this physical format.

Here we have a previous version comparative table:



M95 Module

M66 Module

SMA antenna connector

U.FL antenna connector

SIM Card

micro SIM card

Card size 3.07 x 4.45 [cmts]

Card size 2.96 X 3.85 [cmts]

Low pulse ignition (GND)

High pulse ignition (VCC)

  • Xbee compatible for serial communication
  • Antenna connector
  • Socket  for micro SIM card

Note: To turn the modem on, you need to connect the ON pin to VCC for approximately 2 seconds. This ignition can be done with the microcontroller’s pin you are using.

Note: Ask us for our multi carrier (Entel/Telefonica) SIM cards through our contact section. We have special data plans for IoT/M2M devices.

MCI Temp:

This card is compatible with our web platform, where you can report the value of your sensors together with Arduino. For more information click  here.

Beneficios de MCI Temp


Warranty 3,0 Months
Weight 0,010
height 1
Width 1
Volume 0,0
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