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Rastreador GPS Queclink GV200 GSM/GPRS/GPS (2G)
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The GV200 is a powerful GPS Locator designed for vehicle tracking applications. With superior receiving sensitivity, fast TTFF ( Time to First Fix) and Quad-Band GSM frequencies 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 , its location can be monitored in real time or periodically tracked by a backend server or other specified terminals . The GV200 has Multiple input / output interfaces which can be used for monitoring orcontrolling external devices.Based ontheintegrated@rack protocol,the GV200 can communicate with a backend server through the GPRS /GSM network to transfer reports of emergency,geo-fence boundary crossings,low battery or scheduled GPS position along with many other useful functions . Users can also use GV200 to monitor the status of a vehicle and control the vehicle with its onboard relay output . System Integrators can easily setup their tracking systems based on the full-featured @Track protocol.

Note: Ask us for our multi carrier (Entel/Telefonica) SIM cards through our contact section. We have special data plans for IoT/M2M devices.


  • Wide operating voltage : 8 to 32VDC.
  • Built in MTK GPS chipset with -165dBm tracking sensitivity,-147 dBm autonomous sensitivity. Fast TTFF and high accuracy.
  • Low power consumption, long standby time with internal battery.
  • Quad band GSM/GPRS frequencis 850/900/1800/190.
  • Embedded full-featured @Track protocol.
  • Multiple input/output interfaces for monitoring and controlling.

Built-in 3D motion sensor for power saving and motion detection.


  • GSM/GPS Specifications.
    • Frequency: Quad-Band:850/900/1800/1900MHz.

GPS Chipset: MTK All-In-One GPS Receiver Sensitive, Fast and Accurate.


  • Autonomous : -148dBm.
  • Hot start : -160dBm.
  • Tracking: -165dBm.
  • Position Accuracy: Without Aid: 3.0 m 2D-RMS DGPS: 2.5m.
  • TTFF (Open Sky):
    • Cold start 35s average.
    • Warm start <35s.

Hot start <1.2s.

User Interfaces:

  • Digital Inputs: 5 Digital Inputs. Three positive trigger and two negative trigger.
  • Analog Input: 1 10bits Analog to Digital Converter.
  • Digtal Outputs: 4 Digital Outputs. Negative trigger, Max output current 300mA.
  • Relay Output: 1 Built-In Relay Output. Max output current 2A.
  • Audio Connector: 2.5mm Earphone Jack for speaker and microphone.
  • Power Connector: 4 Pin Molex Type Connector.
  • GSM Antenna: SMA Type Connector.
  • GPS Antenna: SMA Type Connector.
  • Indicator LED: GSM,GPS and Power.

Configuration Serial Port: DB9 Connector.

General Specifications:

  • Dimension: 120mm*54mm*25mm.
  • Weight: 150g.

Backup Battery: Li-Polymer 1400mAh , 3.7V.

Standby Time:

  • Without reporting :120 to 150 Hours.
  • 5 minutes reporting : 50 to 60 Hours.
  • 10 minutes reporting : 70 to 80 Hours.

Operation Voltage: 8 to 32VDC.

Operation Temperature:

  • -30℃~+80°C(Without Battery).
  • -40℃ ~+85°C for Storage.

Power Management: Fully Power Path management, internal battery will not be used when external power is connected.

Air Interface Protocol:

  • Transmit Protocol: TCP, UDP, SMS.
  • Scheduled Timing Report: Report Position follow the pre-set fix interval and report interval.
  • Geo-Fence: Geo-Fence regions can be defined.
  • Low Power Alarm: Alarm when backup battery is running out.
  • Power On Report: report when the device is powered on.
  • Tow Alarm: With built-in motion sensor.
  • Antenna Disconnect Alarm: Alarm when the GPS antenna is disconnected.
  • Special Alarm: Special alarm based on the digital/analog inputs.

Remote Control: Control the digital outputs through air interface protocol.


Warranty 3,0 Months
Weight 0,300
height 1
Width 1
Volume 0,0