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SolderPro 50 butane soldering iron kit
SKU MCI00695
Tienda Santiago : Agotado
Tienda Viña del Mar : Disponible
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Description: The SolderPro 50 is an awesome little pocket-sized, butane-powered soldering iron. Soldering temperature is adjustable between 410-750°F. This thing is versatile too, with the torch tip you can use it as a soldering torch reaching a heat of up to 2400°F. They're ready to use quickly - less than 20 seconds after ignition - and can run for up to 30 minutes on a single tank of butane.

These soldering irons are completely cordless and would be very useful for field repairs. As a bonus, since the SolderPro 50 is powered by butane fuel, there is no danger of electrical current leakage damaging sensitive components.

This product includes the soldering iron, a 1mm conical tip, and a protective cap. Butane fluid is not included.


  • Butane powered (equivalent to a power range of 30-70 watts)
  • Ready to use 20 seconds after ignition
  • Up to 30 minute run time
  • Soldering temperature is adjustable, 410-750°F
  • Torch temperature is 2400°F
  • Versatile - can be used as a soldering iron, torch, or a hot knife
Warranty 3,0 Months
Weight 0,080
height 1
Width 1
Volume 0,0
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