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Fuente DC Lineal Programable 0-32V/3.2A
SKU MCI02019
Tienda Santiago : Disponible
Tienda Viña del Mar : Agotado

SPD3303X Powersupply 

SPD3000X Series Linear Programmable DC Power Supply has a 4.3 inches TFT_LCD display, Supports Programmability and Real Time Wave Display, bringing a new experienceto users. It has three isolated outputs: two adjustable channels and one selectable channel from 2.5v, 3.3V, and 5V. It also has output short and overload protect function, and can be used in production and development.



  • 3 independent controlled and isolated output, 32V/3.2A×2, 2.5V/3.3V/5V/3.2A×1, total 220W.
  • 5 digits Voltage, 4digits Current Display, Minimum Resolution: 1mV/1mA.
  • Supports panel timing output functions.
  • 4.3 inch true color TFT- LCD 480x272 pixel display.
  • 3 kinds of output modes: independent, series, parallel.
  • 100V/120V/220V/230V compatible design to meet the needs of different power grids.
  • Intelligent temperature-controlled fan , effectively reducing noise.
  • Clear graphical interface, with the waveform display function
  • Internal 5 groups of system parameter save/recall, supports data storage space expansion.
  • Provides PC software: Easypower , supports SCPI , Labview driver.



Model SPD3303X SPD3303X-E
Channel CH1 output:0 ~ 32V, output:0 ~ 3.2A 
CH2 output:0 ~ 32V, output:0 ~ 3.2A
CH3 output :2.5/3.3/5.0V, output:3.2A
Display 4.3 inch true color TFT-LCD 4 digits voltage 3 digits current 4.3 inch true color TFT-LCD 5 digits voltage 4 digits current
Resolution 1mV/1mA 10mV/10mA
Program Accuracy Voltage ±(0.5% of reading+2digits )
Current ±(0.5% of reading+2digits )
Voltage±(0.03% of reading+10mV )
Current±(0. 3% of reading+10mA )
Locking Key

High-resolution and high-precision output

The highest resolution of 1mV/1mA, provides excellent setting and read back accuracy. This ensures accurate output even with very with small changes in voltage or current. This is impossible for a low resolution power supply.

Series/parallel/independent mode function

Series and parallel function allows two channels combined into one output with more power output capability, extending the application range. Each of 3 channels power can be turned on or off independently and also can be turned all on or all off.

Panel displays the timing output

Through the panel operation, 5 groups of timing settings and output control can be displayed, which provides users a simple power programming function. Also a connection can be made with Siglent’s EasyPower PC software providing a full range of communication and control requirements. 

Save/Recall setting parameters

SPD3000X series programmable power supply can save or recall 5 groups of setting parameter in internal storage, also supports external storage expansion. You can easily obtain the settings you needed.

Accessories included :

1 x USB Cable 
2 x Output Test Cord
1 x Quick Start
1 x Product Certificate
1 x Calibration Certificate
1 x Power Cord 220V EU 
1 xResources CD(product document and software )

Warranty 3,0 Months
Weight 8,000
height 1
Width 1
Volume 0,0
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