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Fuente DC lineal programable de una salida 1-60V/1.6Amp
SKU MCI03290
119.990 -20 %
Tienda Santiago : Disponible
Viña : Agotado


The 72-8340A is a 100W switching mode laboratory grade Power Supply with current limiting control, is designed with the objectives of high accuracy, compactness and easy portability. 4 digit display LCD of voltage and current for high precision. The slim tower housing makes it ideal for tight work bench. It is light and conveniently portable with a collapsible handle. The large and illuminated LCD display provides clear and sharp readings even under dim light. The output power on off switch allows safe and handy operations. 

The tracking OVP (output over voltage protection) ensures a better and tighter protection to voltage sensitive loads. It has good line and load regulations, high efficiency, low ripple and noise that are typical of advanced switching mode power supply.


Open circuit current limiting setting capability.
Automatic cross over CV and CC mode.
Illuminated LCD indications of A, V, output on-off, CC and CV.
4 Digit displays of volt and amp meters.
Coarse, fine voltage and current controls.
Compact slim tower housing.
Collapsible handle.
Output power on off switch at front panel.
Natural convection.
Tracking output over voltage protection, short-circuit, overload and over-temperature protections.
Good line, load regulations and low ripple and noise.
Rotary encoder control.
Warranty 3,0 Meses
Weight 2,000
Alto 1
Ancho 1
Volumen 0,0
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