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Gravity: Analog CO2 Gas Sensor (MG-811)
SKU MCI02799
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By knowing the exact concentration of CO2, we can do something to reduce the CO2 and to protect our earth. For that reason, a HQ CO2 sensor is designed by DFRobot engineer.

This is the first CO2 sensor in OSHW market. The output voltage of the module falls as the concentration of the CO2 increases.

The potentiometer onboard is designed to set the threshold of voltage. As long as the CO2 concentration is high enough (voltage is lower than threshold), a digital signal (ON/OFF) will be released.


  • It has MG-811 sensor module onboard which is highly sensitive to CO2 and less sensitive to alcohol and CO, Low humidity & temperature dependency.
  • Onboard heating circuit brings the best temperature for sensor to function. 5V power input will be boosted to 6V for heating.

This sensor has an onboard conditioning circuit for amplifying output signal.


  • Operating Voltage: 5V.
  • Gravity analog output interface.
  • Detection range: 400 to 10000ppm CO2.
  • Maximum current consumption: 1200mW.
  • Header connector for digital output.
  • Working temperature: -20 to 50 ° C.
  • High quality connector.

Dimensions: 32 x 42mm.

  • Documents:

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Warranty 3,0 Months
Weight 0,070
height 1
Width 1
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