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Insectbot Mini
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Insectbot Mini is an easy to build and program , perfect for children 6 and older. By mounting this robot you will learn basics of robotics and understand the functioning of some key components for building robots.

The main element or also called brain of this insect is a ATMEGA32U4 microcontroller robot , which works in conjunction with two servo motors to move the robot. This microcontroller preloaded with Leonardo bootloader is installed on a small card called Beetle.

The energy required to operate this little robot is supplied by a Li -Po rechargeable 3.7 VDC.

It also has an integrated infrared (IR) sensor on the head of the insect to act as a detector eye barriers . The programming can be done simply by connecting the Beetle card (compatible with Arduino ) in the USB port of your computer.

You can decorate your Insectbot Mini with a unique , visually appealing outfit and turn it into a fun gift for a student or enthusiastic about the world of robotics device.

Without any doubt , this small team is the best way to start building robots based on Arduino.

Recommended age: This product should be used and manipulated by kids of over 6 years old.

Mini Insectbot programming:

The program is available in 3 languages ​​for IDE following programs : Ardublock , Mind + and Arduino IDE. For beginners in programming , you can program by simply dragging and dropping the sketch pre - programmed software to IDE you've chosen .

Items required (not included) :

  • Soldering (soldering iron).
  • Scissors.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Pliers.

Parts list included:

  • Beetle 1x (compatible Arduino Leonardo).
  • 1x Shield Beetle.
  • 2x 9g Micro Servo Motor.
  • 1x Sharp Infrared Sensor.
  • 1x LiPo battery 3,7V/180mAh + charger.
  • 2x steel wire 200 mm x 1 mm.
  • 1x ABS Sheet (50x50mm).
  • Foam Tape Double-sided 1x (L/W/H: 40x30x3mm) .
  • 5x 1.8x100mm Cable Tie.
  • 4x200mm 1x Cable Tie.


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