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LPC-2478STK uC Linux Tarjetas para prototipo con LPC2478 TF
SKU MCI00571
39.502 -72 %
Tienda Santiago : Disponible
Tienda Viña del Mar : Agotado


  • MCU: LPC2478.
  • LCD 3.5" 320x240 24bit color TFT color with backlight and touchscreen.
  • MP3 decoder DSP + codec VS1002D.
  • 3-Axis digital accelerometer with 11 bit accuracy.
  • 64MB SDRAM.
  • USB host connector.
  • USB device connector.
  • IrDA transciever (optional).
  • MICTOR trace connector (optional).
  • PS2 keyboard connector.
  • 100Mbit Ethernet.
  • CAN driver and connector.
  • RS232 with ICSP control.
  • SD/MMC card connector.
  • JTAG connector.
  • MICTOR TRACE connector (optional).
  • Reset button and circuit.
  • 2 buttons.
  • 1 trimpot.
  • UEXT connector.
  • Audio IN.
  • Audio OUT.
  • RTC battery.
  • FR-4, 1.5mm, red soldermask, component print.
  • Dimensions: 134.6x101.6mm (5.3x4.0").




  • Uboot pre-loaded and uCLinux sources and binaries on CD.
  • SDRAM initialization memory fix patch for the very first lot of boards the SDRAM was not initialized correctly.
  • LPC2478-STK demo code for EW-ARM 5.20 note that this will overwrite the Uboot image in the internal flash and you have to restore it later with the instructions from the CD.

FAQs: What is included in the ucLinux distribution which ships with this board?

A: The board comes with U-Boot loaded in the internal MCU flash. Using an external USB flash drive or an SD/MMC card it is possible to boot uClinux. uClinux has support for the following peripherals:

  • Ethernet.
  • RS232 (used for Linux console).
  • SDRAM.
  • LCD framebuffer.

Here is a list of /proc/devices: /proc> cat /proc/devices

Character devices:

  • 1 mem.
  • 4 /dev/vc/0.
  • 4 tty.
  • 4 ttyS.
  • 5 /dev/tty.
  • 5 /dev/console.
  • 7 vcs.
  • 10 misc.
  • 13 input.
  • 29 fb.

Block devices:

  • 1 ramdisk.
  • 7 loop.
  • /proc>.

Q: I come from Windows world, will you teach me what is uclinux, how to work with console, how to compile projects etc?

A: No, we can't provide linux support for all customers who decided to buy this board, to build the kernel from the sources is pretty strightforward and you can't do it wrong if you follow exactly the instructions provided on the CD, and of course there are pre-compiled binaries which you can use, we will help you if you have some problems to run the uclinux on this board, but please do not expect that we are going to spend time teaching you how to use and modify MAKE file or linux paths, basic commands etc. If you have no prior Linx knowledge we suggest you to install Linux on desktop computer and get familiar first, then to move to embedded platform with Linux. Developing with Linux is very simple and easy when you have already done it.

Warranty 3,0 Months
Weight 0,160
height 1
Width 1
Volume 0,0