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PICARO Starter Kit Básico (Arduino compatible)
SKU MCI01957
39.990 -20 %
Tienda Santiago : Disponible
Viña : Agotado

Check the examples we have created for PICARO board by clicking here.


If you are thinking to enter into the electronics and microcontroller world, or you already know something but want more, this is the kit you're looking for. The PICARO Starter Kit lets you started and also allow you to improve in the world of Arduino programming.

This kit has everything you need to discover by yourself the wonderful world of microcontrollers. With this kit, you can learn to assemblie circuits with different analog and digital sensors, PWM signals, buttons, servo motors, stepper, etc. As soon as you have it in your hands you can start making assemblies and programs.

It is a truly spectacular kit which comes presented in a neat and sturdy plastic box where you can store all your materials neatly arranged in separate compartments.

Note: Do you want to personalize the PICARO board included in this kit? Use our contact page to ask us how.

Warning: This product contains small parts that should be kept away from kids under 3 years old.

Recommended Age: This product should be used and manipulated by Kids of over 8 years old.

List of materials included:

  • 1x Breadboard 830pts.
  • 1x Breadboard Jumper Wire, pack of 65.
  • 1x USB A-mini B Cable, 60cm.
  • 1x Storage Box.
  • 1x Components Store Case.
  • 5 LEDs (5mm) of each color: Red, Yellow and Blue.
  • 5 Resistors (5% tolerance) of each one: 220ohm, 1Kohm and 10Kohm.
  • 4x Push button whit cap, 12x12x12mm.
  • 1x 4x7-Segments display 0.56”, 4 way.
  • 2x Vibration Switch SW520D.
  • 3x Photoresistor, mode 5549.
  • 1x Potentiometer 10kohm.
  • 1x LM35 temperature sensor.
  • 1x 16x2 LCD Display module, White on blue.
  • 1x Motor stepper.
  • 1x ULN2003 Driver motor stepper.
  • 1x SG90 Servo motor.
  • 1x 9V Battery Holder with DC2.1*5.5, total 10cm length.
  • 1x Male Header 1x40pin.
Warranty 3,0 Meses
Weight 0,200
Alto 1
Ancho 1
Volumen 0,0
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