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RS485 Sensor Node V1.0
SKU MCI01562
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This RS-485 node sensor module can be used in various applications, such as smart agriculture, environmental monitoring, home automation and more.

This RS-485 sensor node provides 6 analog inputs and an input device for SHT1x Humidity and temperature digital input.
The RS485 protocol supports up to 254 nodes at a distance of 1200m between each node. This allows a wide range of environmental control.

The RS-485 standard is used to effectively transmit data over long distances and in electrically noisy environments. Multiple receivers can be connected to a network of this kind in a linear configuration, multi-drop. These characteristics make such networks useful in industrial environments and similar applications.

RS-485 allows configuration of inexpensive local networks and multidrop communications links. It offers data transmission speeds ranging from 35 Mbit to 1200 m / s to 10 m and 100 kbit/s.


  • Smart Agriculture
  • Public safety
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Home Automation


  • MCU: Atmega8
  • Input voltage: 12V
  • Transmission speed: 9,600
  • Slave Addresses available: 0x01 - 0x7F
  • Communication Type: RS-485.
  • Connecting multiple (up to 127 modules)
  • Connectors for easy access and use.
  • Input connector for SHT1x.
  • 6 analog inputs.
  • 8 small switches to set the slave address directly.
  • Humidity: 0-100% RH (± 4.5% RH)
  • Temperature: -40 to 128.8 ℃ (± 0.5 ℃)
  • Size: 82x50mm


Warranty 3,0 Months
Weight 0,030
height 1
Width 1
Volume 0,0