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Stepper motor driver A4988
SKU MCI01120
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This stepper motor driver is based on the A4988 IC that allows it to control an up to 2A per coil stepper motor. It is the direct replacement for the previous model that was based on the A4983 IC.

With this driver you can adjust the max current output with a potentiometer that will allow you to use higher voltages than the nominal voltage of your motor to reach higher step rates.

It has it has over temperature protection, under voltage lockout and protection from currents outside of the established margins.

You can use 5 step resolutions: full step, half step, quarter step, eight of a step, and sixteenth of a step.

This driver requires a voltage between 3 and 5.5V that via the VDD and GND pins. And a motor voltage between. 8 and 35V connected to the VMOT and GND pins.

This product does not includes a heat spreader.

Note: single pole 5 wire motors cannot be used with this driver.


  • Interface to control the directions and steps of the motor.
  • 5 different step resolutions.
  • Max current control via potentiometer.
  • Overheat protection, over voltage protection and cross over current protection.
  • Short circuit protection that allows you to use higher voltages that the ones your motor is designed for and het higher step rates.

If you want to learn more about this driver you can read the following tutorial.

Warranty 3,0 Months
Weight 0,010
height 1
Width 1
Volume 0,0
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