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Thermochron Server
SKU MCI00609
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Description: The Thermochron Server is an innovative approach to managing and monitoring Thermochron data.  It has been designed to operate both as a standalone Thermochron management system and as a remote Thermochron data collection point.  In either role, the Thermochron Server provides a reliable way to download logger data, mission loggers, and notify you of the logger alarm status. 
When being used as a standalone Thermochron management system, the Thermochron Server provides a simple web interface which enables anyone to easily mission, view graphs, and download Thermochron data from the Thermochron Server with a standard web browser.  Loggers may either be temporarily connected to the Thermochron Server to download the current data or permanently attached where the data is downloaded from the logger periodically.  Many common operations do not even require a web browser after the initial configuration has been completed.  The Thermochron Server displays the alarm status of loggers with both high and low alarm LEDs.  It can also be configured to behave in a number of ways after downloading a logger's data:
  • Do nothing (leave the mission status in current state)
  • Stop mission
  • Stop mission, retrieve data, restart mission with same parameters (the mission start delay is configurable)
  • Stop mission if an alarm has occurred 
The Thermochron Server can also be configured to act as a FTP client.  When the FTP functions are enabled the Thermochron Server sends any newly downloaded logger data to the FTP server every 5 seconds.  The FTP functions are particularly useful in enabling automatic delivery of logger data through firewalls while avoiding firewall configuration "challenges".  
Warranty 3,0 Months
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