Terms and Conditions of Technical Service
1.- Guarantee
The products sold by Ingeniería MCI Ltda have the legal guarantee of 3 months required by the Consumer Law. The warranty period extends from the date of product billing. The Warranty only covers factory faults and will only be effective when the equipment has been used correctly. The Guarantee does not cover damages or damages caused by misuse. The terms of the warranty are associated with manufacturing and operating failures under normal equipment conditions and will only become effective if the equipment has been used correctly, ie:
  • According to the technical specifications indicated in the operating manual of the equipment
  • In environmental conditions, according to the construction of the equipment and according to the technical specifications indicated by the manufacturer.
  • In specific use for the function with which it was designed from the factory and according to the instructions informed in the description of the equipment in the website.
  • In electrical operating conditions, according to the specified specifications and tolerances.
  • To make the Guarantee effective, the products must be sent to Ingeniería MCI ltda., Located in Luis Thayer Ojeda 0115 Of. 1105, attaching the corresponding invoice or ticket, under responsibility and cost of transfer paid by the customer.

Used products, second choice or those on sale: According to the law, these products have no legal guarantee and will only have a voluntary guarantee if it is expressly indicated at the time of purchase.

2.- Products outside of Guarantee
Ingeniería MCI Ltda reserves the right to autonomously decide on whether to accept a repair of an equipment or article outside legal guarantee, after a relevant background analysis, such as the age of the same, the availability of the corresponding parts and the feasibility of repair.
3.- Diagnosis
No refunds, changes or repairs of any product will be made without previous diagnosis and certification of the MCI Ltda. Engineering service that establishes that the fault is covered in accordance with the provisions of each policy or the Consumer Law. All diagnostics performed by the technical service area of Ingeniería MCI Ltda., Which are not covered by the warranty policy, have an associated cost equivalent to 0.2UF, which must be paid at the time of the product's entry into the technical service. In case the repair is made effective, this value will be deducted from the total to be canceled. Only products that have been purchased from Ingeniería MCI Ltda. will be received and the have to be accompanied by their respective proof of purchase.
4.- Expenses
Expenses or costs of any kind (for transfers, time used, etc.) incurred by the customer to make a guarantee shall be at his own expense, as well as any emergent damages and lost profits caused while the product is in technical service.
5.- Costs of repair
Customers who enter a product that is not covered by the warranty policy and that has actually been repaired by the technical service area of MCI Ingeniería Ltda. shall cancel the repair cost associated with the labor, materials and supplies used for such repair.
6.- Deadlines

Legal or voluntary guarantee periods are counted from the date of purchase of the equipment. In case of being repaired or replaced, the original warranty period will be maintained from the date of purchase. The term of legal guarantee, will be suspended during the time in which the good is being repaired in the exercise of the guarantee. The species that are delivered for repair will be considered abandoned in favor of Ingeniería MCI Ltda., when these are not withdrawn within one year from the date of receipt.

7.- Technical Service Deadline

The diagnostic result is delivered in a maximum of 5 working days. The repair times of the equipment will be stipulated at the time of delivery of the diagnosis.

8.- Concept of Warehousing
Once 15 days have passed since it was notified that the product is available for withdrawal, Ingeniería MCI Ltda. Will be considered entitled to charge for warehousing the equivalent of 0.2% of the product value per day.
9.- Withdrawal of products
In order to withdraw the product (s) admitted to technical service, only the proof of entry to technical service is accepted, that document certifies the bearer for the withdrawal of the repaired product. Ingeniería MCI Ltda. is not responsible for the loss of proof of entry to technical service.