2-Relay Shield with 2 optocoupled inputs

2-Relay Shield with 2 optocoupled inputs

2-Relay Shield with 2 optocoupled inputs

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    The 2-Relay Shield R2 lets the Arduino board turning on/off up to two systems, such as TV, audio equipment, lights, and other electrical devices that consume 7A/250VAC, 10A/120VAC or 10A/24VDC. Ideal for automate home/office/other appliances.

    The 2-Relay Shield can also capture up to 2 digital signals of 3VDC max. and read them from the Arduino board. The inputs are opto-coupled and were directed to the 0 and 1 interrupt pins, so it can capture events in real time.

    This shield comes with a Reset button for easy access and firmware reboot. The 2-Relay Shield connects to the Arduino board without needing any wires and leaves the pin layout intact, allowing a second Shield to be connected on the top.

    The 2-Relay Shield uses the 2, 3, 6, 7 and RESET pins for communication with the board so it can change the relay status or read a digital signal. As long as this Shield is being used, these pins cannot be used for other purposes. The Shield comes with 5mm Terminal Block connectors for easy connection.

    Dimensions: 71 x 54mm.