3GBee Module compatible with XBee socket

3GBee Module compatible with XBee socket

3GBee Module compatible with XBee socket

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Now you can connect your electronic projects to the 3G networks in an easy and simple way thanks to the 3GBee. This board is compatible with the  Xbee form factor and will enable you to convert a serial (TTL) communication to 3G and will adapt to a high number of devices with an Xbee socket for example “Arduino + XBee Shield*”, “XBee IO Pro V2*”, “PICARO+*” or “TIC”.

The 3Gbee allows you to make a quick connection to the internet, sent and reception of text messages, tasks that you can do directly from the built in USB port in the board or using AT commands.

*Note: compatible with versions produced after July 2016.

Note: Ask us for our multi carrier (Entel/Telefonica) SIM cards through our contact section. We have special data plans for IoT/M2M devices.


  • Telit 3G UL865-NAD Modem.
  • Compatible with the Xbee form factor for serial communication.
  • SMA antenna connector.
  • JST 3 pin connector for power and power switch.
  • Micro SIM slot.

USB connector for configuration.

Software and drivers:

Clients that acquire this product can ask through our contact section the exclusive program and driver for configuring the 3GBee module.