Arduino 4-20mA Shield + RTC

Arduino 4-20mA Shield + RTC

Arduino 4-20mA Shield + RTC

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The Arduino 4-20mA + RTC is a 4-20mA current signal adaptation board. This Shield has 4 input channels which allow converting signals that have this industrial standard to useful information to work with Arduino card.

The 4-20mA Shield has a DS1307 Real Time Clock that attaches a time stamp to all converted data. The RTC has a backup power supply that uses 12mm batteries (not included).

The Shield works with types 2, 3 and 4 of Current Transmitters, and it can be connected to other platforms such as Duemilanove, Mega, and Uno. For correct operation, you need a 9-12VDC external power supply.

With this board you’ll be able to connect to any industrial sensor, monitor, and even control a variable directly from your Arduino board!

Note: This board has been re designed and updated to a newer version that has a few changes in the component layout but maintaining the same basic circuit to make it compatible with already implemented projects. Another change in this revision is that the board is now compatible with Arduino Leonardo.


  1. Arduino uses Analog pins 0, 1, 2, 3, SDA, SCL and RESET for current signal converting and RTC communication. As long as you use this Shield, these pins cannot be used for other purposes.
  2. This board does NOT include header pins for Arduino connection. We recommend 6-pin and 8-pin stackable headers.
  3. 12mm CMOS batteries NOT included.