Arduino Chilean Case -AChiCa

Arduino Chilean Case -AChiCa

Arduino Chilean Case -AChiCa

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Uno Leonardo PICARO


After many hours designing, optimizing, and even making a contest to name this product, the first Arduino Chilean Case (AChiCa) is finally available.

Built on a 3mm transparent acrylic by a laser-cutter, and an easy assembling process, this case is the perfect way for your Arduino UNO to be free of dangers (such as short-circuits in the soldering, or recurring coffee spilling).

AChiCa has perforations so you can have easy access to your Arduino’s inputs, outputs, and reset button (for any Arduino UNO version). If you want to install a Shield, you can mount it by removing the superior cover, or use additional stackable pins so you don’t have to do that.

For a perfect termination, we recommend using our 10mm M3 Hexagonal Standoff.