Arduino Energy Shield

Arduino Energy Shield

Arduino Energy Shield

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Arduino Energy Shield is a board which enables you to monitor your house, office or any other installation or equipment energy consumption, directly with your Arduino board!, without the need of wiring using the XBee wireless communication. Arduino Energy Shield integrates the ADE7753 chip which allows to sense active power, reactive power, RMS voltage and current, among other variables, at a given time.

The Arduino Energy Shield has an embedded real time clock, which allows adding the date and time to the sensed data and sending it to another device for its post processing and visualization. It also has a coin type battery socket, as a backup power supply for the real time clock.

The Arduino Energy Shield also has an onboard socket for XBee/XBee Pro, for transmitting data to other devices, without the need of wiring from the sensing place to the storage, processing and visualization equipment of the data sensed by the Arduino Energy Shield.

The Arduino Energy Shield is calibrated to work with the non-invasive AC current sensor (MCI00783) and a 220-12VAC transformer, so all the shield connections are galvanically isolated from the electric network.

For calibration and monitoring from other devices, Arduino Energy Shield has an opto-isolated pulse output which is proportional to the active energy consumption.

With Arduino Energy Shield you can make energy monitoring low cost applications in a simple and fast way.


  • Card does NOT include pin headers to connect to Arduino, we recommend using Stackable headers for Arduino
  • Stackable Connector - 6 and 8 Pin Stackable Connector for either arduino.
  • XBee module card NOT included.
  • Card NOT included 12mm coin type battery.
  • NO card includes sensors.

To use the example of Xively should connect the Ethernet Shield pin 9 to pin 10 of the Energy Shield card.


  • Meter active power and apparent.
  • Meter voltage and current RMS.
  • Operating range: 0 [V] and 220 [V].
  • Maximum current of 30 [A].
  • Sensor capable of measuring temperature between -25°C and 80°C with 3°C accuracy.
  • Optocoupler output pulse frequency proportional to watt-hour measured.
  • Socket 12mm Coin Type Battery.
  • Real time clock.
  • IC DS1307.
  • 32kHz clock.
  • Arduino reset button.
  • Power supply 5 VDC.
  • Socket for connecting XBee module.

Connectors for electrically isolated probes.