Arduino GM862 Shield

Arduino GM862 Shield

Arduino GM862 Shield

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Description:  The GM862 Arduino Shield enables the Arduino board to make phone calls, send SMS messages, send GPRS data, activate I/O board pins and much more. Use the Arduino GM862 library for controlling the modem, without needing to develop a new project from scratch.

The GM862 Shield connects to an Arduino board using long wire-wrap headers which extend through the shield. This keeps the pin layout intact and allows another shield to be stacked on top.

The GM862 Arduino Shield uses the Arduino digital pins 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and RESET for communication and turning the shield ON/OFF. While using this shield, these pins cannot be used for another purpose. The Shield comes with a Molex connector 52991-0508 (male) for GM862 or GM862-GPS connection. This board does NOT include the pin headers for Arduino. 6 and 8 pin stackable headers are recommended.


Links: Biblioteca de funciones para el GM862 (Library) 

Software de Prueba:  Arduino GM862 scketch SMS, Library documentation