AT852D Soldering station hot air gun

AT852D Soldering station hot air gun

AT852D Soldering station hot air gun

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    Soldering station hot air through, especially to create and remove SMD components welding, SOIC, SOP, etc.

    The hot air flow is produced by an internal pump station soldier. With this soldering station you can regulate the flow of exhaust air and its temperature, which can be between 100°C and 480°C.

    You can change your nozzle for welding different types of electronic components, in their different types of packages.
    AT852D soldier Station includes 2 nozzles, air soldering iron stand, power cable and user manual.


    • Power consumption: 550W.
    • Temperature range: 100 - 480.
    • controllable temperature and air flow from station soldier.
    • Noise: <40dB.
    • Anti-static design.


    • It has auto power cut sensor.
    • Achieve a maximum temperature in a short time.
    • Easy to use and configure.
    • antistatic plate components to protect against voltage surges PCB Design.
    • Intelligent Cooling System.
    • Can be used in various types of electronic packaging: SMD SOIC / SOP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, etc.