Cautín ERSA de 25W 230Vac

Cautín ERSA de 25W 230Vac

Cautín ERSA de 25W 230Vac

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The ERSA 230VAC 25W soldering iron tip has supported ERSADUR 172BD A18. This product covers a wide range of applications, whether in your electronics lab or to take with you to field repairs. With a lightweight and compact design (short distance between the tip and the hand of the operator) it is especially for those small and medium sized welding work. PTC heater has a long life and industrially tested.

This product provides high efficiency and fast heat supply.

The maximum temperature that can reach this soldering iron is 450°C.


  • Power: 25W.
  • Power: 230 (volts).
  • Maximum temperature: 450 ° C.
  • Warm-up time: 60 seconds.
  • Coating: long life tip.
  • Antistatic design (yes / no): No.
  • Weight: 0.281 g.