Cellocator Cello CAN IQ(3G)

Cellocator Cello CAN IQ(3G)

Cellocator Cello CAN IQ(3G)

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    The Cello-CANIQ of Cellocator ™ is an innovative integrated unit fleet with superior localization ability, tracking, reports generated by events, registration and protection. This device supports FMS protocols - J1939.
    Its unique compact size makes it ideal for covert installation to avoid detection and handling. Using GSM / GPRS and IP communication together with GPS technology ensures reliable and economical communication flowing, but as well as efficient remote vehicle tracking.

    The built-in CAN bus interface provides remote access to the vehicle CAN data. The rich features, Cello-CAN Cellocator IQ system provides both fleet service providers and their customers optimum solutions in coverage, lowest cost tracking, easy installation and limitless functionality.

    Note: This product includes Harness cable.

    Note: Ask us for our multi carrier (Entel/Telefonica) SIM cards through our contact section. We have special data plans for IoT/M2M devices.


    • Input Voltage: 7-32VDC.

    Internal Battery: Li-Ion Polymer, 3.7V, 900mAh, rechargeable.


    • GSM: GPRS class 10, PDU SMS.
    • Bands: Quad band (850, 950, 1800, 1900MHz).
    • Power: Output 2W, 1W.
    • SIM: Internal, replaceable, remote PIN code management.
    • Antenna: Internal, quad band GSM antenna.
    • Packet Data: TCP/IP, UDP/IP.

    SMS: PDU, text SMS for data forwarding.


    • Technology Chipset: STM STA8088 Chipset.
    • Sensitivity (Tracking):-162dBm.
    • Acquisition (normal): Cold <35Sec, Warm<35Sec, Hot<1Sec.

    Antenna: On board, internal patch antenna.


    • 1 internally pulled down input dedicated for ignition switch.
    • 3 general purpose inputs with assignable functionality and configurable polarity.
    • 2 configurable inputs capable to serve as: Frequency counters.
    • Configurable resolution; Up to 5kHz input signal; Signal level (3V < Vin 30V); Accuracy ±2% Analog inputs with variable resolution - 8bit, adapted to 0-2.5V signal, resolution 20mV, accuracy ±20mV; 8bits, adapted to 0-30V signal, resolution 100mV, accuracy ±100mV Discrete Dry.

    Configurable threshold for logical high and low states. Discrete Wet - configurable threshold for logical high and low states.


    • 5 general purpose open drain outputs (250mA max) with asignable functionality.

    COM port: Selectable baud rate (9600 or 115000bps), True RS232 levels, 8 bit; 1 Stop Bit; No Parity. Configuration and Firmware upgrade.


    • Built-in Quad band modem.
    • 1-wire interface.
    • Ignition input, 2 programmable GPIOs and 5 outputs.
    • Small size for quick and easy installation.
    • Current in sleep mode: 760uA at 12V.
    • GPRS / SMS communication types.
    • Roaming management.
    • Online event-driven reporting.
    • Geo-Fence management.