Cellotrack Power 8M/3G

Cellotrack Power 8M/3G

Cellotrack Power 8M/3G

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    The CelloTrack 8M/3G offers cost effective solutions that support up to eight months of continuous monitoring with single GPS reading and 3G transmission per day, or two months of four readings and transmissions per day CelloTrack 8M family supports tracking, monitoring, communication, GPS location-based features and maintenance capabilities.

    Equipped with a durable and long-life battery (lasts Up to 8 months), as well as a highly durable IP67 weatherproof casing, CelloTrack 8M functions optimally without direct access to a power supply, without ongoing maintenance and with high resilience under severe conditions. 

    CelloTrack Power 8M/3G has an internal charger, which enables it to be used in situations where an intermittent power supply exists, sometimes with long periods between power connection events. The CelloTrack Power 8M/3G can be used when permanent installation and additional monitoring and control capabilities through the versatile GPIo are required, such as in the case of trailers, electricity generators etc. The unit charges its battery when the power is connected and uses its battery while power is disconnected to ensure continuous serviceability.

    Note: Ask us for our multi carrier (Entel/Telefonica) SIM cards through our contact section. We have special data plans for IoT/M2M devices. 


    • outdoor durability and long operating life
    • Advanced power and event transmission management algorithms 
    • 2G and 3G cellular communications technology.
    • Highly durable IP67 weatherproof casing 
    • A 3d accelerometer or movement and towing detection.
    • Programmable push button. 
    • Two monitoring LEds for GSM/GPS status. 
    • dual tamper switch to detect tampering of device from cradle and/or cradle from mounting surface. 
    • Adaptive transmission rate, automatically adjusted as a function of external power availability and 
    movement status.
    • 100 Built in Geo-fences. 
    • Minimal maintenance. 
    • Easy installation, including built in zip tie holes and optional magnetic cradle. 
    • 2 GPIo’s which can be used as digital/analog/pulse inputs or digital output.