Controlador USB para motor hasta 3Amp

Controlador USB para motor hasta 3Amp

Controlador USB para motor hasta 3Amp

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The controller model engines Jrk 21v3 USB is highly configurable and supports four interface modes : USB, TTL communication , and analog voltage control by Radio Control (RC ).

The controller can be used with speed feedback or closed loop position control, also can be used without feedback as a speed control in open loop. The output current is 3Amp and recommended operating range of 8-28VDC, which has a derating to 5VDC and overload protection up to 40VDC power.

Includes block and pin header male soldiers are not terminal connectors, allowing for custom installations.

Note: Adapter Cable USB -A to mini -B not included . This cable is required to connect to a computer.


  • USB connection that generates communication port ( COM) , which allows direct motor control from a PC.
  • Ultrasound to eliminate PWM - induced switching in the motor shaft.
  • Protocol high-speed communication.
  • High internal resolution ( 12 bits) for a calibration with a result of soft and flexible movement.
  • Sensor and current limiter.
  • Protection against reverse voltage.
  • Compatible with firmware updates.
  • Specifications:
  • Bidirectional DC Motor Control.
  • Operating Voltage : 5 ~ 28VDC.
  • Current output of 3Amp ( 5Amp maximum peak value ).

Four methods of communication:

  • Direct interface between USB and PC.
  • Full- duplex communication with TTL interface for microcontrollers.
  • Compatible with systems radio control (RC ).
  • Interface analog voltages from 0 to 5VDC, for connecting sensors or potentiometers.


  • Motor channels:1
  • Operating voltage: 5 – 28 V
  • Continuous output current: 3 A
  • Peak output current: 5 A
  • Auto-detect baud rate range: 300 – 115,200 bps
  • Available fixed baud rates: 300 – 115,200 bps
  • Available PWM frequencies: 20 kHz, 5 kHz
  • Reverse voltage protection?: Yes
  • USB connector style: USB Mini-B