Conversor RS422/RS485 a Ethernet WIZ108SR

Conversor RS422/RS485 a Ethernet WIZ108SR

Conversor RS422/RS485 a Ethernet WIZ108SR

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Description:  WIZ108SR is a gateway module between RS-422/485 device and Ethernet. It can transmit RS-422/485 data to Ethernet and vice versa. With WIZ108SR, you can connect your RS- 422/485 device with Ethernet via WIZ108SR provides interface quite easier and shorten your development period to obtain more gains. We also provide full functional configuration tools for WIZ108SR. You can set WIZ108SR upon your needs by using serial configuration command when WIZ108SR is in serial configuration mode or using provided configuration tool via Ethernet to make WIZ108SR embedded in your products well.

Note: This card does not include accessories.


  - Connect with the Serial Device directly
    * Adding Network Function Simply and Quickly
    * Providing Firmware Customization
  - High System Stability and Reliability by using W7100 Hardware Chip
  - Supports Serial Configuration – with Simple and Easy command
  - Supports Password for the Security
  - Easy & Powerful Configuration Tool Program
  - 10/100 Ethernet Interface and RS-422 / RS-485 Interface support
  - ROSH Compliant