devDuino Sensor Node v4

devDuino Sensor Node v4

devDuino Sensor Node v4

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    devDuino Sensor Node v4 is a compact Arduino-compatible microcontroller and is designed to build wireless networks based on transceiver nRF24L01+.  You can easily connect other sensors or actuators to this platform, to build your remote monitoring or controlling system. Unlike the version 1,2,3 is on board built-in sensor temperature and humidity. 


    • Built on Arduino-compatible architecture.
    • Clock frequency: 16MHz (may be reduced to reduce energy consumption by up to 8MHz).
    • Integrated temperature & humidity sensor HTU21D (-40 ° C +125 ° C, accuracy of ± 2 ° C, relative Humidity: 0-100%, accuracy ± 2%).
    • ISP programming interface (recommended).
    • Serial programming interface.
    • Built-in clock button.
    • Built-in LED green (user configurable).
    • GROVE-compatible connector: I2C, Analog, Digital.
    • Power from one element CR123A (not included).

    Dimensions: 30 x 65 mm.

    Package Include:

    • DevDuino Sensor Node V4 – 1 pcs.

    nRF24L01+ Module – 1 pcs. 


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