Display alfanumerico 338x54

Display alfanumerico 338x54

Display alfanumerico 338x54

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    The furnishings in the supermarkets, Shops, Exhibition, Table, Shelf product description, Price, Tips, Greeting, promotions, etc.


    Multi-language: The language of Traditional Chinese, Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese and all European countries.
    Large Memory: Maximum display 1500 characters in English, Chinese 650 characters, 6 text messages, two graphic information 11 animated icons.
    Adjustable brightness: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% of the keys adjustable.
    Information Speed: Five levels of speed the flow of information is displayed on the computer can be adjustable.
    Battery Type: Built-in high-capacity polymer lithium battery, the electricity charge of 2-3 hours to 12-16 hours.
    Standard accessories: A screen, USB communication line, a charger, CD one.
    Support System: Window 7 / Window Vista / Window XP / 98/2000
    Packing: Fine white cartons.
    Packaging Specifications: 473 mm * 105 mm * 47mm
    NW 300g, GW 480g.

    Product Specification/Models:

    • Product Model: B16128AR (Fit 8 Chinese characters or 16 English letters).
    • Specifications: 338mm * 54mm * 15mm.
    • LED type: Red, patch (SMD).

    As the prime point: 1.85mm, 16 * 128.

    This product includes:

    • Alphanumeric display 338x54.
    • CD-ROM with software.
    • USB charger.

    USB Cable.


    Bar, KTV, hotels, nightclubs, clubs, concerts, beauty, foot massage, shopping malls, cafes, reception, hotels, supermarket chains, upscale restaurants, Western restaurants, game, exhibition, bowling alley, airport stations, hospitals, banks, securities markets, coffee shops, cafes, bakeries, ice cream parlors, fitness and entertainment, auction houses, supermarkets and electronic city merchant staff to wear decorations and so there will be very good advertising. The new LED desktop screen, trends, eye-catching and prominent, safe, convenient, media, multi-language, durable, and can store large amounts of information, the use of a wide range.

    Other Information:

    Programming: The software installed on the computer, take the USB data cable with the computer and for the breastplate, enter text, LOGO and other information directly on the computer software. The software comes with photo editing, convenient and simple production of all kinds of pictures and animations.
    Charging method: USB data cable is directly connected to a computer or 5V voltage output charger, convenient anytime, anywhere you can charge to call.