EKG-EMG Shield

EKG-EMG Shield

EKG-EMG Shield

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This is EKG/EMG shield which allow Arduino like boards to capture Electrocardiography Electromiography signals. The shield opens new possibilities to experiment with bio feedback. You can monitor your heartbeat and log your pulse, recognize gestures by monitoring and analizyng the muscule activity as done in this project.


  • Stackable headers up to 6 channel may be stack and wired to A0-A6 analogue inputs.
  • Calibration signal generation by D4/D9 digital output.
  • Preciese Trimmer potentiometer for calibration (all boards are shipped completely assembled, tested and calibrated so you should not do this unless you wat to see how things works).
  • Input connector for normal or Active electrodes.
  • Works with both 3.3V and 5V Arduino boards.