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Description: iMX233-OLinuXino is an industrial grade single-board Linux computer in a very compact form.

  • iMX233 ARM926J processor at 454Mhz
  • 64 MB RAM
  • SD-card connector for booting the Linux image
  • TV PAL/NTSC video output
  • 3 USB High Speed Host
  • optional WIFI RTL8188CU module
  • Stereo Audio Input
  • Stereo Headphones Audio Output
  • two Buttons
  • UEXT connector for connection of different peripherial modules
  • 40 pin GPIO for connection of other hardware
  • Board is in shape for fit inside Pactec JM42 plastic box
  • Power supply input 6-16VDC
  • PCB dimensions: 3.70'' x 2.15'' (94.0mm x 54.6mm)
  • Nominal dimensions: 3.70'' x 2.65'' (94.0mm x 67.3mm)