LiPo Power Shield para Arduino

LiPo Power Shield para Arduino

LiPo Power Shield para Arduino

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    Uno Mega Zero DUE Yun Leonardo PICARO


    Now you can take your Arduino to anywhere you want with this great card PowerBoost Shield! Providing a bank of rechargeable energy, using 3.7V LiPo batteries with your Arduino.

    Compatible with Arduino Uno, Picaro, Duemilanove, Mega, Leonardo and Due.

    Do not use I/O pins of Arduino. You only need 5V and GND and basically allowing also use any other Shield you have or need to acquire.

    The PowerBoost Shield can work with any lithium or lithium polymer (3.7/4.2V type) ions, but We suggest use a 1100mA battery or  higher.

    You can also recharge the battery of your PowerBoost Shield through the micro USB connector. When you're ready to go, just unplug your Arduino from the USB or charger changes the switch and you will start to use your battery.

    The PowerBoost Shield provide 500mA current and can reach a maximum consumption of 1A.

    Notes: Stackables and power switch, which must be welded are included. No battery is included.