Módulo USB a WiFi para Raspberry Pi

Módulo USB a WiFi para Raspberry Pi Módulo USB a WiFi para Raspberry Pi

Módulo USB a WiFi para Raspberry Pi

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    This product has been replaced by the new USB Wifi Dongle for Raspberry Pi.

    Make your Internet of Things device cable-free by adding WiFi. Take advantage of the Raspberry Pi, Olinuxino or BeagleBone Black USB port to add a low cost, but high-reliability wireless link. We tried half a dozen modules to find one that works well with the Pi  without the need of recompiling any kernels. You'll have wireless Internet in 10 minutes! Works great with 802.11b/g/n networks. 

    If using with a Raspberry Pi: The latest Wheezy distributions support this module out-of-the-box. Check out our detailed tutorial for how to set up WiFi networking on the Pi 

    If using with a Beagle Bone: Because of the high power required by WiFi, a 5V 2A power adapter is required to power both the Bone and WiFi. Flaky behavior and crashes may result if this is not followed! We have a tutorial for using this module with the Beagle Bone

    Please note: The WiFi module may look slightly different than above, but all modules shipped are Pi-tested and contain the same chipset and have equivalent performance, the only difference is the plastic shell.

    Download Drivers.