Motor Stepper Servo Shield para Arduino Kit v2.3

Motor Stepper Servo Shield para Arduino Kit  v2.3

Motor Stepper Servo Shield para Arduino Kit v2.3

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    Uno Mega Zero DUE Yun Leonardo PICARO


    The name of Adafruit Motor Shield is, perhaps, the best way to control DC motors, stepper motors and servos with Arduino.

    In this latest version the ability to control up to 4 DC motors or 2 stepper motors but includes significant improvements remains.

    Instead of using a MOSFET known TB6612 L293 with 1.2A and 3A channel surges. Includes a PWM driver that manages I2C motors, which means that only 2 pins of the Arduino need for any type of control and allows you to use the same pin for other I2C devices you want to connect to the Arduino.

    It is perfectly compatible with the Arduino Uno, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Mega 2560, Arduino Mega ADK and Arduino DUE.


    • 2 connections for 5V servo.
    • 4 Bridges H TB6612 1.2A per channel enabling and 3A peak, which control motors between 4.5V and 13.5V.
    • Up to 4 DC motors.
    • Up to 2 stepper motors.
    • Arduino Reset Button.
    • Pulldown Resistors.
    • Dimensions: 70mm x 55mm x 10mm.