PICARO+ (Arduino compatible)

PICARO+ (Arduino compatible)

PICARO+ (Arduino compatible)

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If you are using a XBee XSC S3B on our PICARO+ board, you must at add 10Kohm Pull-UP resistor between the 3.3V and Din pin of XBee socket.

PICARO+ Arduino Uno compatible con socket XBee from MCI Electronics on Vimeo.

Check the examples we have created for PICARO board by clicking here.


Connectivity takes a more important role in our everyday life and the transmission of information without wires can help us in the development our projects, that’s why we developed an Arduino UNO compatible board with a socket that enables us to add wireless modules with the Xbee form factor like: WiBee (WiFi), BlueBee (Bluetooth), GPRSBee (cellulat GPRS/GSM) and the normal Xbee modules series 1 and series 2.

Our PICARO+ (plus) uses the ATmega328 microcontroller with the Arduino Uno bootloader, ideal to develop projects when the imagination is the limit. It is compatible with the Arduino Uno shields.

The Xbee socket comes wired by default to the D2 and D3 pins to be used with the SoftwareSerial library. If you wish to use the D0 and D1 pins for the communication you can de solder the W7 and W5 jumpers and then solder the W4 and W6.

This board also has two pull-up resistors in the A4 and A5 pins to be used with the Wire Library that you can enable by soldering the W1 and W2 jumpers.


  • Atmega328P AU (with Arduino UNO bootloader)
  • USB mini B connector
  • 14 digital I/O 6 Analog Input
  • Pull-up resistors on A4 and A5 pins
  • Xbee socket