PICARO Arduino UNO compatible

PICARO Arduino UNO compatible

PICARO Arduino UNO compatible

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PICARO Arduino Uno Compatible from MCI Electronics on Vimeo.

Check the examples we have created for PICARO board by clicking here.


This is our version of the Arduino Uno called PICARO in honor to a typical handcraft from Chile. Our card is produced here in Chile and has little changes over the standard Arduino UNO.

This card uses the ATmega328 with the Arduino Uno bootloader, ideal to develop projects when the imagination is the limit. It is compatible with any of the Arduino UNO shields.

This board has two pull-up resistors in the A4 and A5 pins to be used with the Wire Library that you can enable by soldering the W1 and W2 jumpers.

The open source IDE (same that arduino uses) can be downloaded for free at www.arduino.org or www.arduino.cc (available on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux).

Note: this platform requires the Arduino 1.0 driver folder to be installed properly on computers.


  • ATmega328 Microcontroller.
  • Input voltage 7-12V.
  • 14 digital I/O pins (6 PWM outputs).
  • 6 analog inputs.
  • 32k Flash memory.
  • 16MHz clock speed.

Differences with Arduino UNO:

  • More compact USB connector.
  • FTDI (FT232RL) IC handles the USB to serial conversion.
  • Power LED to the side of the USB connector for better visibility when stacking shields
  • Pull-up resistors (jumper optional) on A4 and A5 pins to be used with the wire library.
  • All the pins are reflected on a second row for additional connections.


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