Raspberry Pi - Modelo A+

Raspberry Pi - Modelo A+

Raspberry Pi - Modelo A+

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    The new Raspberry Pi Model A + is now available for you, in a size that is now significantly smaller, since instead of the 86 mm length of the previous model now have a length of 65 mm. A novelty that is added the fact that this new Raspberry Pi is more efficient and consumes less power (600mA), in addition to other notable features.

    The new Raspberry Pi Model A +, has a 40-pin GPIO connector that gives more options for 'makers' and developers. The SoC remains the Broadcom BCM2835, and has the same CPU at 700 MHz, so no impact on device performance.

    It has a Micro SD slot, which now works with push mechanism both to introduce the card to remove it. Besides the audio circuit includes a power source of low noise.


    • Processor: Broadcom BCM2835 SoC Full HD
    • GPU: Co-Processor Dual Core multimedia VideoCore IV
    • RAM Memory: 512 MB SDRAM 700 MHz
    • Storage via microSD cards
    • A USB port
    • HDMI Output
    • audio circuit power supply with low noise
    • GPIO Pins: 40
    • Power Consumption: 600 mA

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