Ruptela FM-Tco4 LCV 3G GPS Tracker

Ruptela FM-Tco4 LCV 3G GPS Tracker

Ruptela FM-Tco4 LCV 3G GPS Tracker

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    FM-Tco4 LCV is a highly advanced GPS tracker for all types of light vehicles – cars, vans, light commercial vehicles, taxis, etc. The device is designed to track and monitor vehicles and perform various tasks such as monitoring driver behavior, reading on-board computer data (CANbus), identifying drivers, etc.

    The device is also available in a 3G version.


    • Vehicle location, history, mileage, speed and activity monitoring
    • Driver behavior monitoring (Eco-Drive)
    • On-board computer data reading (CANbus LCV)
    • OBD II engine error codes reading
    • Driver registration and identification
    • Remote ignition blocking
    • Fuel monitoring
    • Internal Geozones
    • Jamming resistant
    • Dual transparent channel
    • Various features via SMS
    Note: Ask us for our multi carrier (Entel/Telefonica) SIM cards through our contact section. We have special data plans for IoT/M2M devices.