SMART Science Experiment Kit

SMART Science Experiment Kit

SMART Science Experiment Kit

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    SCi-BOX is the Science experiment tool set that contains the microcontroller main board, variety of sensor module, actuator, output with display device and software tools. They work together to make the new concept of science experiment and add programming experiences to develop the ultimate science projects.


    Learn and experiment the behavior of each sensor to understanding their operation. Include the operation of BASIC Stamp2SX microcontroller. Learners can apply all knowledge to develop the new science experiment in different ways.
    SCi-BOX supports the data collection system. Experimenters can get data from system to collect and send to computer to process or plot the graph. Besides learners and experimenters can apply SCi-BOX to control the actuator device such as Relay, DC motor, Stepper motor, etc. to make the automatic control projects, modern science projects.



    This Kit include:

    • Smart Science Experiment Board x 1
    • 38kHz Infrared Receiver Module x 2
    • Infrared Detector x 2
    • Infrared LED x 2
    • Light Detector x 2
    • Light reflector x 2
    • LED indicator module x 1
    • Sound detector x 1
    • SWITCH input x 3
    • Temperature sensor x 2
    • Capacitance x 1
    • Magnetic field sensor x 1
    • SLIDE x 1
    • COMPARATOR x 2
    • ATTENUATOR x 1
    • CURRENT x 1
    • Serial LCD 16-characters 2-lines X 1
    • 12V Stepper motor X 1
    • DC Motor X 1
    • 12Vdc Adaptor X 1
    • Crocodile clip wires X10
    • sensor cables X 10
    • RS-232 cable X 1
    • CD-ROM Program X 1
    • Resistors and Capacitors for experiment


    • Operation compatible with BASIC Stamp2SXmodule (BS2SX-IC).
    • Use interpreter from Parallax.
    • Size 1.7x 1.2 Inches.
    • 16 KByte memory for program and data.
    • Plug on 24-pin DIP socket similar BS2SX-IC.
    • No need external programmer.