Sonoff Pow - Switch WiFi con medidor de consumo eléctrico

Sonoff Pow - Switch WiFi con medidor de consumo eléctrico

Sonoff Pow - Switch WiFi con medidor de consumo eléctrico

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    Sonoff Pow is a wireless switch which connects to electrical devices such as home appliances via WiFi. Theelectrical devices can be controlled by the mobile application eWeLink which can be run using WiFi, 2G, 3G or 4G network. 

    Sonoff Pow has the amazing capability to display the electrical devices’s instant wattage consumption. It also has the option to report the energy consumption in kWh over a period of time, and can generate monthly power consumption reports. Sonoff Pow, therefore, allows you to figure out which appliances in your home consume the most power so you can cut down your electricity bill. 

    Since Sonoff Pow belongs to the Sonoff family, it has all the functions of a basic Sonoff. Through the mobile application eWeLink, remote home control becomes a reality. Consumers can remotely control the operation of home appliances by turning them on, off instantly or according to a user specified schedule, such as repeat or countdown. Consumers can also share the remote access with others for a mutual control of the appliances.  

    Apart from traditional consumers, Sonoff Pow is a very exciting product for those into hacking, since four program ports have been reserved for burning external firmware. Now, isn’t that thrilling?

    User Manual for Sonoff Pow

    ESP8266 Datasheet

    Check out the exciting features of Sonoff Pow below: 


    • Remote turn on/off using APP EweLink
    • Check power consumption over any time interval such as daily, monthly
    • Check energy consumption in real time (instantly)
    • Supports configuring fast SSID changing and password connection through eWeLink
    • Supports auto-connection to server, register and updating device status
    • Supports tracking device status on eWeLink
    • Supports single, countdown and repetitive tasks