StampDuino R1

StampDuino R1

StampDuino R1

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    This board was designed to be used with the Basic Stamp 2 modules, and their most recent Arduino versions. This way, the board is compatible with most Arduino shields, taking advantage to work on systems designs.

    With StampDuino you can program your Basic Stamps fast and easily, by using a USB mini cable and the software provided by Parallax.

    This module can be powered through the USB port or by an external power source. If your system requires more than 500 mA (maximum current provided by the USB port), you will need an external power supply. When using an external power supply connected to the 5V Power Jack, a maximum of 1A can be drawn.

    An LED is connected to pin 13, which can be used to make output tests (digital and PWM), and as a visual feedback.

    This board was designed to be compatible with most Arduino shields, reducing space and size requirements, with the purpose of optimizing the users systems. For instance, by using our Arduino Relay Shield you will be able to read 2 dry contact inputs and control 2 relays, building a control system.

    The StampDuino also has a 3.3VDC regulator, to make the board more versatile and able to work easily with other devices. The regulator has a limit of 150mA.


    • Power and communication through USB port.
    • Stampduino keeps all the 16 digital I/O & PWM pins free to use.
    • Compatible with some Arduino shields.
    • Integrated serial communication LEDS (FTDI).
    • LED connected to pin 13.
    • Reset button.
    • 7 to 12 VDC can be used.
    • Fuse protected USB port.