Tarjeta de evaluación GM862 - RS232

Tarjeta de evaluación GM862 - RS232

Tarjeta de evaluación GM862 - RS232

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Description: The GM862 RS232 EVK V3 is a standard serial based 50-pin breakout board with external power. This allows connections to the audio, digital, and camera interfaces on the GM862 module. The GM862 RS232 EVK V3 attaches to any RS232 system. Power up the board, turn on the module, and you can start sending and receiving AT commands via HyperTerminal. No messy 3.8V regulation. No tricky 3.3V to RS232 level converter. It's all done for you!

Communication via RS232 up to 115kbps. The MAX3232 IC can be disconnected to allow for external control of the TX and RX pins on the GM862 module (3V logic only!).

Powered by external adapter. 5.5mm barrel, center positive, >5VDC 200mA or greater.

The board comes fully assembled with 50 pin Molex connector part # : 53748-0504, LT1528 3.8V power regulation circuitry, and supporting circuitry. The Molex connector is brought out to 2 single row, .1" headers. 3.8V is regulated through a surface mount LT1528 LDO regulator with 400uA quiescent current.

Documents: GM862 EVK V3 RS232 Schematic, LT1528 3.3V Regulator, Molex Homepage, GM862 EVK V3 USB/RS-232 Datasheet (for reference)

Don't forget to set the module to use the North American frequencies: AT#BND=1