TIC (Arduino Leonardo Compatible)

TIC (Arduino Leonardo Compatible)

TIC (Arduino Leonardo Compatible)

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    If you are using a XBee XSC S3B on our TIC board, you must at add 10Kohm Pull-UP resistor between the 3.3V and Din pin of XBee socket.


    If you are looking for an arduino compatible board with a built in relay, grove sensor compatibility and a Xbee socket for wireless connectivity then this is the board you were looking for,

    This board features a relay output for controlling various electrical appliances, illumination systems or others; it also allows the connection of sensors with grove connector (JST) it also has i2c connection to add other expansion devices like a temperature sensor, an accelerometer, etc. At last it has a socket that allows it to connect the many wireless devices with Xbee format like for example:

     XBee modules (Serie 1, Serie 2 y PRO).

    Our TIC board uses the ATmega 32U4 with an Arduino Leonardo bootloader, ideal for developing projects when your imagination is the limit.

    The Xbee socket comes linked to the Serial1 port using the digital pins D0 and D1

    This board has two pull-up resistors on digital pins 2 and 3 to be used with the Wire library that you can enable by soldering the W3 and W2 jumpers.

    Ax and Dx pins are referenced to the digital and analog pins of the Arduino IDE.

    This board must be powered by its power Jack to function correctly it does not power from USB


    • Atmega32U4 AU micro controller (With Arduino Leonardo Bootloader).
    • USB mini B connector.
    • Pull-up resistors available for I2C communication (digital pins D2 and D3).
    • Xbee compatible socket, with voltage regulator of 3.3V @ 500mA.
    • Analog Grove connectors on pins, A0-A1 and A2-A3.
    • 220VAC or 30VDC relay, with Terminal Block 3 pin 5mm connectors.
    • ON/OFF Switch.