Transformador de voltaje (Arduino Energy Shield)

Transformador de voltaje (Arduino Energy Shield)

Transformador de voltaje (Arduino Energy Shield)

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If you're looking for a transformer for use with your Arduino Energy Shield, you are in the right place. This voltage transformer is special to work with the Arduino Shield Energy as it allows you to have a sample of the power supply and consumption and to know your voltage.

You can choose between 115VAC or 230VAC depending on solder jumper.

It is built on a PCB which incorporates an acrylic base for protection with security marked so that the person does not touch high voltage dangerous places. It also has a useful fuse to provide more security to your devices.
Also has two terminal block for connection of input and output voltage, so that the connections to your Arduino Energy Shiel more comfortable and easy to perform.

Note: The transformer model is 3FD -212 

Caution: It is very dangerous to work with mains voltage (220VAC). Therefore it is necessary to take all necessary precautions (do not touch the circuit when connected electrically isolate all parts, work carefully, neatness and attention).