Turtle 2WD Basic Kit con tarjeta controladora compatible con iOS

Turtle 2WD Basic Kit con tarjeta controladora compatible con iOS

Turtle 2WD Basic Kit con tarjeta controladora compatible con iOS

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The Turtle 2WD Basic Kit is a perfect platform to build on and to get started with Arduino Robotics. With just a few simple steps of assembling the hardware and tuning the software, and you'll learn all about Arduino, robotics, sensors, bluetooth communication — as well as obstacle avoidance and remote controlling. You can also take it further with your own code to take advantage of the ultrasonic sensor, Romeo All-in-one Bluetooth® Microcontroller, IR sensors and LEDs.

The Turtle 2WD Mobile Platform is a small, low-cost mobile platform compatible with standard Arduino microcontrollers. It contains two drive motors, wheels (and rear caster ball), frame and all mounting hardware. It is widely used as self-developed control chasis for Arduino platforms and other control boards. The Turtle 2WD has multiple features such as: two differential drives, near zero turning radius, high-strength aluminum alloy body material, motors and a flexible rubber wheel makes it suitable for indoor flat road surface and flat-platform robot competitions. The top layer includes a standard servo socket and the three optional sensor holder. This three sensor holder fits with our adjustable IR range sensor. The servo can be used for a simple rotation platform, a two degrees of freedom camera holder or even a robotic arm.

Thanks to Romeo BLE, this kit can now be played with APP (IOS®). Simply download the APP (GoBLE) and enjoy controlling from your IOS device!

Parts List:

  • Romeo BLE (Arduino Compatible Atmega 328) x1
  • DF05BB Standard Servo (5kg) x1
  • URM37 V4.0 Ultrasonic Sensor x1
  • URM Ultrasound Mounting Bracket x1
  • Turtle 2WD Chassis x1
  • Infrared Proximity Switch Bracket x1
  • 5xAA Battery Holder x1
  • PH-2.0 to DC-2.2 Adapter x1
  • Screws Kit x1
  • Micro DC Geared Motors x2
  • Motor Wire x1
  • Rubber Wheels x2
  • Jumper Wires 9" F/F (10 Pack) x1
  • Magnet Micro USB Cable 1.2m x1