XBee-PRO 900HP DigiMesh Kit

XBee-PRO 900HP DigiMesh Kit

XBee-PRO 900HP DigiMesh Kit

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By purchasing this kit XBee-PRO S3B 900HP DigiMesh, you can assist to our workshop presented by Digi scheduled on May 4 2016 at Espacio Fundación Telefónica.

For more information and registration, go to the website Workshop Digi 2016.


Digi’s XBee-PRO 900HP DigiMesh Kit is a great way to learn how to use XBee-PRO 900MHz RF modules for device connectivity and true peer-to-peer mesh device networking with our innovative DigiMesh protocol. DigiMesh is a proprietary networking topology that supports advanced networking features including sleeping routers and dense mesh networks. This kit is designed for anyone interested in getting started in the world of XBee. Hardware and software engineers, corporate technologists, or educators and students can quickly learn more about DigiMesh technology through hands-on examples in the kit, utilizing XBee-PRO 900HP DigiMesh modules.

Weight: 2.25 lbs

Kit Includes:

3 – XBee Grove Development Boards

3 – XBee-PRO 900HP Through-Hole modules w/Wire antenna (900Mhz)

3 – Micro USB cables