ZX-Metal metal detector

ZX-Metal metal detector

ZX-Metal metal detector

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    The ZX-Metal metal detector is a sensor based on the TDA0161 module and works under the Eddy Current principle

    The current variation in the output of this module signals the presence or absence of metallic objects. As a result of this the module returns a logical answer of 0 or 1 (0V or 5V) depending on the presence or absence of metals.


    • Detects the presence of any metallic object
    • Detection indicator
    • Digital output
    • The range of operation varies depending on the size of the metallic object
    • Adjustable sensibility
    • Removable detection coil
    • 3 pin JST connector
    • Compatible with any microcontroller
    • Protection tray
    • 5 v power source via JST connector
    • Small detection coil activated by a proximity detector