Por favor, lea los términos del servicio cuidadosamente antes de usar este sitio web u ordenar algún producto de éste. Al utilizar este sitio usted confirma su incondicional aceptación de los siguientes términos del servicio. Las transacciones que se efectúen a través del sitio de Ingeniería MCI ltda. se sujetan a los presentes términos y condiciones, así como a la legislación Chilena vigente, en particular a la Ley sobre Protección de los Derechos de los Consumidores.

  1. Use of the website. The design of this site and all text, graphics, information, content, and other materials prepared or can be downloaded from the website are protected by copyright, trademark and other applicable Intellectual property laws.The contents of this site are owned by MCI Engineering Ltd., or their respective affiliates and suppliers.Any unauthorized use of information may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, laws of privacy and publicity, and other laws and regulations.

  3. Customer record. Constituye una condición indispensable para comprar productos en este sitio web, para ello, el cliente debe registrar sus datos básicos como su nombre, dirección y teléfonos en la página de registro, datos que Ingeniería MCI ltda. considerará como fidedignos. El registro del cliente en el sitio www.olimex.cl implica el conocimiento y aceptación de los términos y condiciones de ventas descritos en el presente documento. Cada cliente al registrarse deberá ingresar su correo electrónico válido y password. La administración de este password es de absoluta responsabilidad del cliente y su acceso permite la compra. Su entrega a terceras personas o su utilización por dichas terceras personas no implicará responsabilidad alguna para Ingeniería MCI ltda. El usuario puede disponer la rectificación, eliminación y/o cancelación de sus datos cuando lo estime conveniente.

  5. Closing your account. You or we may suspend or terminate your account o your use of this website at any time o without cause. You are personally liable for any orders placed on our website or charges incurred through your account before the end of this. We reserve the right to change, suspend or discontinue all or any aspect of this website at any time without notice.

  7. Shopping. All purchases and transactions made on this site are subject to and contingent upon a confirmation process, validation and verification, which includes:
    • Check stock and product availability
    • Validation of the data recorded by the user
    • Validation of the method of payment and means of putting products
    • Data validation invoice issuance
    • Compliance with the conditions required by the payment method selected by the user

  8. Shipping. The product is delivered at offices of MCI Ltda, although can be dispatched to the customers, if it requires. This office should be expressed by the customer, MCI may make arrangements on behalf of the patient to his office at the address indicated in the direction intended by the buyer in accordance with dispatch instructions selected by the buyer at the time of his/her purchase. As a result , the risk of loss and damage during transportation of the purchased items on this website are paid by the customer, who must establish the liability of the carrier in case of damage or loss of goods under its responsability. It is also responsible for paying for any import duty and taxes that may generate for your order to enter a foreign country and that tha company will advance payment on behalf of the client. its is the responsability of the customer information on tariffs.

  10. Link to third parties. This web site contains links to other sites that are not owned by MCI Engineering Ltd and does not necessarily comply with current legislation and with appropriate safety standards. These links are provided solely as a convenience to customers and connecting these  is solely the responsibility of the user.

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  14. Products, Content and Specifications. All Product specifications, prices and services described and presented in this website www.olimex.cl are subject to change without notice . Information on weights, measures and similar descriptions are approximate and are disclosed only for the convenience of our customers. MCI Engineering Ltd., which operates this website, make all kinds of reasonable efforts to correctly specify the published products attributes, including color pictures, however, the current colors you see depend on your computer system that has, and can not guarantee that your computer properly display such colors. The inclusion of any product or service on this website at a partiular time does not imply or warrant that these products or services will be available in the future. It is your responsability to acertain and obey all applicable local, state and/ or federal (as applicable) and international (including minimum age requirements) regarding the possession, use and sale of any product you purchase from this website. By placing an order, you confirm that products are ordered will be used only in lawful manner.

  16. Accuracy Information. MCI Engineering Ltd. strive to periodically review the information published on this website is complete, accurate and current. Despite our efforts, the information on this website may be inaccurate, incomplete or outdated. MCI Engineering Ltd is not responsible for incomplete, inaccurate or not current on this website. For example, products included on the website might not be available, may have different attributes than those listed, or may carry a different price to that page saysAdditionally, MCI can make changes on stock prices and without notice to the customer.Although it is our practice to confirm orders automatically via email, the receipt of an email order confirmation does not constitute our acceptance of this order or our confirmation of an offer to sell a product or service. We reserve the right, without notice, to limit the order as to the amount of products or services, or refuse service to any customer. We may also rquire additional information prior acceptance or shipment of any order.

  18. User Information. Other than personally identifiable information, which is subject to the privacy policy of this website, any material, information, suggestions, ideas, concepts, know-how, techniques, questions, comments or other comunication you transmit or you post on this websitein any manner("User Communications") is and will be considered non-confidential and non-propietary . We and our respectives affiliates (companies represented by MCI) or their designes may use any user communication for developing, manufacturing and / or marketing of any kind for commercial purposes or not. We may, but are not obligated to, monitor or review any User Communications. We have no liability related to the content of any user communications, whether or not the right to remove any and all communication that includes material we deem inappropriate or unacceptable.

  20. Disclaimer. Use of this website is your responsability. The information, material and services provided through this website is provided "as is" without warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-violation of intellectual property.Engineering Ltd. neither MCI or any of its affiliates guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information, materials or services provided through this web site may be outdated, or MCI Engineering Ltd. or their respective manufacturers or distributors, if any. To the extend permissible by applicable law, we hereby disclaim all warranties, express or implied, regarding the products that have misused, abused, altered, incorrectly selected and / or do not meet any particular standard. The foregoing exclusions of implied warranties do not apply to the extend prohibited by law.

  22. Limitation of Liability. MCI Engineering Ltd. assumes no liability for any damages or any viruses or malware that can infect your computer, telecommunication equipment, or any other property that may be caused by access to this site. In any case MCI Ltd. or any of their respective officers, directors, employees, shareholders, affiliates, partners, agents or any party involved in the creation, production and transmission of this website be liable for any indirect loss or consequential damages (including, without limitation, results from lost profits, lost data or business interruption) arising out of the use, inability, or the result of using this site or product that sells, or anywhere else linked with it, or the materials, information or services contained at any or all pages of this website.In the event of any problems with this web site or any content of this, you will agree to stop using this web site. In the event that there was any problem with product or service you have purchased through this website. You agree that the only solution, contact the manufactures of such products or supplier of such services, under the guarantee of such manufacturer or supplier, or apply for a rebate or refund for such product or services in accordance with the policy and return policy refunds posted on this website.

  24. Choice of law and jurisdiction. These terms of service may be superseded by other agreements between you and MCI Ltd. reaching the point resolve any inconsistency or ambiguity between them. These terms shall be governed and service were built in line with the laws of the State of Chile.

  26. Warranty. The products marketed by MCI Engineering Ltd. have the legal guarantee of three months required by Consumer Act. The warranty period extends from the date of invoice of the product. The warranty only covers failures factory and will be effective only when the computer has been used correctly. The warranty does not cover damage or damage caused by misuse. The warranty terms are associated with manufacturing faults and normal operation of the equipment and will be effective only if the computer these terms have been used correctly, ie:
    • According to the technical specifications indicated in the manual operation of the equipment.
    • In keeping with the enviromental conditions of the equipment and under construction specs provided by the manufacturer.
    • In specific use for the function it was designed with factory and according to the instructions reported in the device description on the website.
    • In electrical operating conditions according to the specifications and tolerances. to enforce the guarantee, the products must be sent to MCI Engineering Ltd., located in Luis Thayer Ojeda 0115, Of. 1105, Providencia., attaching the invoice or sales receipt for, under the responsability and cost of transportation by the customer.

  27. Retracted. For the purposes of article 3a letter b) of Law 19,496 of Consumer Protection, MCI Engineering Ltd. expressly provides that there shall be no right of redemption place.

  29. Revieving these terms. These terms of service may be revised and updated without notice. You are responsible to visit the site and review the current terms of service.

  31. Additional Assistance. If you have questions about any of the above terms of service, or if you have any questions or comments, we invite you tocontact us to ventas@mcielectronics.cl or the phone
    2 2333 9579 / 2 2231 9268.


Technical Service - Terms and Conditions

  1. Warranty. All products sold by MCI Engineering Ltda. Have legal guarantee of three months, which can only be done effectively on presentation of the ticket or invoice and exclusively on the premises of MCI Engineering Ltda. Repair services, excluding those granted product warranty, have a legal guarantee of 30 working days from the retirement date.

  3. Warranty out products. MCI Engineering Ltd. reserves the right to decide independently whether to accept repair equipment or item outside legal guarantee, after an analysis of relevant background as, for example, the age of the same, the corresponding parts availability and feasibility repair.

  5. Diagnosis. We will not proceed to return, exchange or repair any product without the prior diagnosis and certification of the MCI Engineering's Ltd. technical service to establish that the failure is covered under the provisions of each policy or the Consumer Act. all diagnoses made by MCI Engineering's Ltd.  technical service area, which are not covered by the warranty policy, have an associated cost equivalent to 0.2UF, which must be paid upon entry of the product to service for the repair become effective, this value will be deducted from the total to cancel. We will only accept products that have been bought MCI Engineering Ltd. and are accompanied by their respective sales receipt or / and invoice.

  7. Expenses. Costs or expenses of any kind (transfers, time spent, etc.) incurred by the customer to enforce a guarantee, shall be his/her own expense, and any consequential damages and lost profits caused while the product is in the technical service area.

  9. Repair Costs. Customers entering a product that is not covered by the warranty policy and actually has been repaired by the  MCI Engineering's Ltd. technical service must pay the repair cost associated with man hours, materials and supplies used .

  11. Deadlines The terms of legal or voluntary warranty are counted from the date of purchase of the equipment. In case of reparation or replaced , the original warranty term will be maintained from the purchase date. The legal warranty period will be suspended during the time in which the product is being repaired under the warranty period. Products will be deemed abandoned in favor of MCI Engineering Ltda. when these are not claimed within one year from the receipt date.

  13. Technical Service's Deadlines. Diagnostic deadlines depend on each product and shall be informed upon admission of the product to technical service. The deadlines for repairing the equipment shall be stipulated at the time of diagnosis result .

  15. Storage. Once 15 days has been passed since the send of the product retirement notification , MCI Engineering Ltda. is able to charge for warehousing concept equivalent to 0.2% of the product value daily.

  17. Products Retirement. The product retirement can only be done if the client show the technical service ticket given to him/her. MCI Engineering is not responsible for the loss of this ticket.