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Description of the manufacturing service of PCBs (2 layers)

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We try to standardize the manufacturing requirements of PCBs, so we can offer a service through our website. Please read this description completely before requesting this service. The minimum number of cards to be made is 5 units and the waiting time is from 20 to 25 days approx.
In order to make your PCB, it is necessary to make the design in software like Eagle and then export it in Gerber format. (There is a guide below that explains how to do this)
While we do our best to meet the deadlines indicated, we are not responsible for delays in delivery that may be due to external situations such as factory problems and / or import problems. For this reason we recommend placing your orders in advance.

Steps to request the manufacture of your card

1.- Enter the quote online and fill in the required fields.
2.- Press the button to request quotation and attach your files.
3.- If the file and the design meets the requirements, it will be processed and you will receive a formal quotation including the value of the PCB plus the shipment if required. Otherwise you will receive an email from one of our experts indicating the problem and requesting the corresponding modifications.
4.- Once confirmed the payment of the PCB (deposit or electronic transfer) will be despatched to the address indicated in approximately 20-25 days.

Gerber file types required

The following are the layers necessary to make your PCB. Be sure to send them all!
Top Layer: pcbname.GTL
Bottom Layer: pcbname.GBL
Solder Stop Mask Top: pcbname.GTS
Solder Stop Mask Bottom: pcbname.GBS
Silk Top: pcbname.GTO
Silk Bottom: pcbname.GBO
Board Outline: pcbname.GML/GKO
NC Drill: pcbname.TXT
Notes: The border of the card must be in a GML or GKO file. The Gerber file must be in the RS-274X format.

Tips for designing your PCB

Each gerber file must have a single design.
Perforations of long lines and grooves are not accepted.
The minimum slot size is 1mm x 1mm.
DRC files according to the available rules file.
Please try to ensure that your PCB thickness is less than 2.0mm to reduce manufacturing costs.


Specifications and considerations for design

Consider the following specifications when designing your PCB. These are given by the machines that are used in the manufacturing process.

Additional options

We have the following additional options that you can choose.

PCB color: Red, White, Yellow, Blue (Default green color)

PCB color: Black

PCB Thickness: 2.0 mm (Default 1.6 mm)

Finish: Unleaded (Default lead)


Amount of Copper: 2 oz (Default 1 oz)

Description of the PCB Assembly Service

Our PCB assembly service allows you to develop cards with a professional finish, using surface components and mounted with the latest technology tools to achieve a final product of the highest quality.

1. Deadlines For the PCB assembly service it must be considered that the parts must first be imported and shipped to be manufactured PCBs and then assembled in their entirety.

Given the above, the estimated manufacturing deadlines vary between 35 and 42 days. In case of quantities greater than 100 units or very complex cards that may take longer than stipulated, partial deliveries can be agreed upon.

2. Components All components used in the assembly service are imported directly by MCI in order to ensure the quality of these and their correct operation.

3. Assembly OptionsWe offer the assembly service of Thru-hole and SMD components, as well as one or two sides.

4. Stencils We use high quality stencil to ensure correct welding of the smallest components.

5. Minimum order The minimum order quantity is 5 units

6. Size of components

Passive Components: Components up to 0603 are accepted..

Small components: We can assemble components with a separation of up to 0.3mm.

7. PCB Dimensions

Minimum size: 20 mm x 20 mm

Maximum size: 250 mm x 250 mm

Files required for the assembly service.

The PCB assembly service requires a few files so we can begin to manufacture import and assemble your cards. For that we ask that you fill the requested data in the online quote and upload your files to start with the work.

BOM (Bill Of Materials)

BOM is a list of parts and pieces used for the manufacture of the final product. It delivers the information of the parts to use, manufacturer, reference in the PCB and much more.

The BOM must be sent in an .xls or .xlsx file with the following information:

Line Number



Part Number

Part Descripcion


Kind (Thru-hole o SMD)

Gerber File

This must be sent in the same RS-274x format requested for pcb fabrication.

The required layers are:


Copper (Track)

Solder Paste

Make sure these files are included in your gerber file before uploading.

Centroid File

The Centroid file, also known as an XY file, is a special file that is used to program assembly machines (Pick&Place). The Centroid file indicates the position and specific orientation of all surface mount components (SMD).

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