Bluno Nano

Bluno Nano

Bluno Nano

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    The Bluno Nano card is perfect for projects that require Bluetooth communication. Is the first card of its kind to integrate Bluetooth 4.0 module with Arduino Uno, so it is a ideal platform for creating prototypes for developers to create their projects with wireless network.

    Bluno Nano also allows wireless programming via Bluetooth, support Bluetooth HID support AT commands and can easily update the firmware. Bluno is also compatible with all pins of Arduino Uno which means that any project done One can go directly without cables.
    An application for Bluno (Android and iOS), completely opensource, so you can customize and develop its own hardware-software platform was also developed.

    Note: For extended I / O ports, the Bluno Nano is compatible with all supported expansion Shields Arduino Nano. If you want to use through other Bluno Nano Shields expansion, some additional wiring is needed.


    • Bluetooth Chip: TI CC2540.
    • Via Bluetooth Wireless Programming.
    • Bluetooth HID support.
    • Support of AT commands on the BLE settings.
    • Transparent through serial communication.
    • Easy firmware upgrade BLE.
    • DC Power: USB or external 7VDC ~ 12VDC.
    • Microcontroller: ATmega328.
    • Bootloader: Arduino Uno
    • Compatible with Arduino Uno pin mapping
    • Size: 60mm * 53mm
    • Weight: 30 g


    Demo Package: